"Ten Hui brand" multi-color temperature anti fog and haze, long life, integrated light sou

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"Ten Hui card" color temperature of anti fog and haze, long life, integrated light source LED tunnel lamp, the product has been included in the "Chongqing city focus on encouraging the procurement of products catalog (2012 Edition)", is the manufacture of products of national patent technology. Intelligent dimming by LED energy-saving lamps need remote transformation temperature (Patent No.: 201320028126), LED encapsulation lens light distribution geometry, the utilization rate of high luminous flux, good uniformity (Patent No.: 201320020770.3), was awarded the certification of new technology industry of Chongqing city municipal high-tech product certification, (certificate number: 02). The product is characterized in that the intelligent remote control; long service life; in different seasons through the intelligent remote control can be realized 3000K 4500K color temperature anti haze function, such as 3000K warm temperature in winter, spring and autumn (light) using 3500K neutral color (incandescent light), using the 4500K white summer temperature (light); high color index. The light from the object (high definition color index is 70); lamps light efficiency, luminous flux can reach 80lm/W; energy saving rate of 70%

Model: LSSH-JC-ASD120 specification size: Phi 600mmX305mmX210mm
Output power: 120W, input voltage: 110-220V
Color temperature: 3000K-4500K